Eye Examinations

Great vision is part of achieving success at work, home, sport and life!

An eye test is how your optometrist can assess your vision AND the health and well-being of your eyes. An annual eye check up will keep your eye health optimised and give you the ability to live your life confidently and freely. At Eyes by Design, we take our time with you, explain what we are doing and use modern technology to give you the best eye care possible.

Eye Examinations for Adults in Central Coast

Why do you need an eye test?

Good vision is more than ‘clear sight’ or the ability to read the letters on a chart.
An eye examination can help you with symptoms of vision problems. Do you have:

  • Blurry vision
  • Headaches
  • Difficulty with concentrating
  • Slow reading
  • Fatigue after work
  • Tired, itchy or watery eyes
  • To reread a sentence or two or forget what you’ve read
  • Poor coordination

An eye examination can help you with other eye problems and diseases which do not have any symptoms such as glaucoma.
Regardless of your age, optometrists recommend you have an annual eye test for early diagnosis, correction or treatment to prevent further or permanent vision loss.

What’s involved in my eye test?

You will meet with Dr Nicholas Altuneg (Dr Nick), our optometrist with over 30 years experience (and 25 years on the Central Coast!).

Dr Nick will ask you about any visual concerns and the visual demands you have – work and lifestyle. He will also ask about your medical history, including regular medications, pre-existing medical conditions, and your family history.

Once he has this base to work from, he will begin your eye examination by checking your vision.

We will also take images of your eyes to keep on record, so we can watch for any changes or deterioration over time.

Dr Nick will discuss his findings with you and go through your options for treatment, if needed. Please ask as many questions as you need to, we are here to help you with your vision problems.