Eye Emergencies

Act quickly with all eye emergencies

If your eye emergency is handled promptly, then your eyes can return to normal quickly and the potential for long term complications is reduced.  

In eye emergencies, people often aggravate the problem by ignoring the problem or self-treating.

Eye Emergencies Central Coast

Do I have an eye emergency?

An emergency arises when your eye is injured by foreign objects, including chemicals.

Prompt and proper attention to your eye emergency may eliminate further eye damage, partial loss of vision or permanent blindness.

Also, we recommend you seek medical attention if you experience redness or swelling of your eyes or unexplained pain in your eyes.

Other serious eye emergencies can include – 

  • A bulging or protruding eye 
  • Loss or double vision, as well as decreased vision
  • One eye is not moving or not tracking like the other eye
  • Bruising, bleeding or discharge from the eye
  • Itching, redness or irritation from the eye
  • Light sensitivity
  • A new or a severe headache.

Don’t attempt to treat your eye in an emergency

Significant complications can occur from an eye injury, so it is important you do not attempt to treat your injury.  Call an optometrist immediately to assess the next plan of action. Do not hesitate to call our practice to speak with our optometrist.  We will be able to advise over the phone on 4369 8169 your next plan of action