Visual Stress

Visual stress in adults

Visual stress means that the eyes are under strain and not performing at their peak or not functioning as they should.

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Symptoms of Visual Stress in Adults

Visual stress makes it difficult for you to clearly see text and numbers, so your eyes work harder than they must, to help you make sense of and interpret what you see. 

Use our checklist –

  • Do you get headaches or migraines when reading? 
  • Do you find the page too bright when you read?
  • Do the words move on the page?
  • Are your eyes sore eyes during and after reading?
  • Do you have difficulty tracking or copying?
  • Do you need to close your eyes or look away when reading?
  • Do you find patterns difficult to look at or even make you feel sick?

If you said yes to any of these questions, or are concerned at all, we recommend you have a chat to our optometrist here in Kincumber.

Visual stress can run in families and can occur in children as well.  Early intervention in children can avoid anxiety, learning problems and loss of confidence.  Click here to find out more about the symptoms of visual stress in children [link to visual stress in children].

Diagnosis of visual stress in adults

There are a number of eye tests our optometrist, Dr Nicholas Altuneg (Dr Nick) can perform to rule out other underlying conditions and assess the way your brain processes visual information. 

Using these findings, Dr Nick, will recommend treatment and visual aids to help you reduce or overcome visual stress.

Treatment of visual stress in adults

If you are diagnosed with visual stress, there are several tools that can be used to treat it.  Treatments may include the use of customised lenses and/ or vision therapy.  

There are many options to reduce visual stress, and Eyes By Design can assist.  Call us today to have a chat about your concerns or book an appointment.