Visual Stress In Children

Visual stress in children

Our eyes are very good at letting us know if something is not quite right.  Visual stress is one way.

Visual stress means that the eyes are under strain and are not performing at their peak,  or functioning as they should.

Visual stress in children

Visual stress and reading

If your child has visual stress, it is not immediately noticeable. Visual stress mostly causes a child to have difficulty when reading. For a child with visual stress, reading becomes an unpleasant and tiring exercise. They may experience headaches, sensitivity to light, and other stresses which are brought on when looking at text at close distance.

Signs of visual stress in children

Here are some signs of visual stress to look out for in your child –

  • Your child jumps lines, omit or substitute words when reading
  • The words move on the page
  • They fatigue easily and can’t sustain attention
  • They are closing one eye, tilting their head to use one eye only, or going too close to the page
  • They confuse words which appear similar or with similar beginnings and endings
  • They rub their eyes or excessively blink
  • Your child can’t remember what they have read

Treatment for your child’s visual stress

As with most visual problems, an early diagnosis will avoid anxiety, learning problems and prevent loss of confidence.  Treatments will improve the eye function and your child’s quality of learning and development.

If you think your child is suffering from visual stress, there are several options available for treatment.  As a behavioural optometrist, Dr Nicholas Altuneg (Dr Nick) will need to assess your child and recommend the best way to relieve your child of their symptoms and help them to continue to learn and develop. 

A thorough and careful assessment of your child’s eye can determine the source of their stress.  Once Dr Nick can see where the problem is, we can start treatment which can relieve the symptoms of the stress and prevent it from returning.

Dr Nick is wonderful with children.   He has 30 years of experience working with children and loves talking to your child so they understand what is going on.

Your child will feel comfortable and relaxed – each session will be like having a conversation and playing some fun games as he examines and assesses your child’s eyes.

A bit confused about your child and what help you need.  It costs nothing to have a chat to Dr Nick.  He will advise if you need to have your child assessed.