Spectacle Frames

Spectacle frames

Looking for something a little different or a classic frame? Eyes by Design have got the look for you.

We personally review and choose our wide range of glasses to suit all types of face shapes, styles and looks – in popular and designer brands. Our spectacle frames are chosen specifically for their fashion, durability, and timelessness. Our Central Coast optometry practice carries a large range of Australian designed eye glasses as well.

We know it can sometimes be hard to choose a pair of eye glasses. That’s why our frame stylists take our time to help you find the frame that will make you feel and look good and give you confidence. We consider your face and eye shape, skin tone, and colour pallet to find the perfect frame for you.

We add new frame styles to our range often, so you’ll find exactly what you are looking for.

Spectacle Frames Central Coast

Lens Technology

Eyes by Design only use lenses of high quality and all lenses are tailor-made to your prescription. They are light-weight, strong and quality lens perfect for all types of sight requirements – reading, long and short distance, progressive, multi and bi-focal glasses.

Depending on your spectacle use, lifestyle and work conditions, you can also choose your lenses to include features, such as –

  • Custom Lens Design – we can specially grind single vision lenses and offer varying designs in multifocal glasses to optimize your vision. We don’t use a “one size fits all” system.
  • Anti-reflective – an anti-glare coating applied to your new lenses to eliminate reflection from light. It helps you see better by cutting down the glare from digital computers or LED screens as well as lights and headlights when driving at night.
  • Anti-scratch – a hard coating applied to the front and back of your lenses to prevent scratching and chemical damage. Perfect if you want that extra protection or if you are rough with your glasses.
  • Anti-bacterial – an anti-bacterial coating proven to reduce the growth of bacteria from touching your lenses by at least 99.9% (BOKEN Quality Evaluation Institute’s anti-bacterial activity value test results).
  • Photochromatic – lenses that go darker in the sun and lighten up when you come indoors.
  • Polarised – sunlight reflecting from surfaces can impair our vision, so a polarised lens, will cut the sun glare and the in-built UV filter will protect your eyes from sun damage.
  • Blue-light – great for those that use computers or phone screens a lot.

Our optometrist, Dr Nicholas Altuneg can go through these options with you.

Sunglass Frames

We spend so much time outdoors, especially on the Central Coast, so a pair of prescription sunglasses is a wise choice. We have a wide range of stylish, trendy and classic sunglass frames from popular brands.

Our sunglasses have multiple layered coatings to provide excellent glare protection and vision. Most of our sunglasses can be manufactured with premium prescription sunglass lenses if required.

Children’s frames and glasses

Eyes by Design carry a large range of children’s glasses on the Central Coast. They have been specifically chosen for their strength, style and comfort for your busy active child.

Our frame stylists are specially trained to fit your child with glasses and assess their eyewear needs. We know what children like!